Our Scenery

Our scenery is one of our great natural attractions. When people think of Creemore, they think of hills. Our wonderful hills are actually part of the Niagara Escarpment, one of only 15 designated World Biosphere Reserves in Canada.


Without getting out of the car, you’ll see beautiful landscapes including pastoral farmlands rolling off into the distance sometimes guarded by hundreds of gigantic sentinels of hay.


Rivers are another great feature of our area, the Mad and the Noisy being the foremost. Head west out of town along Country Road 9 and you’ll be accompanied most of the way by the Noisy River, sometimes on your right and sometimes on your left.


Our hilltop views rival those of Tuscany, really. The big difference being their towns are on hilltops (medieval warfare) while our towns are in the valleys (ease of access). On our hilltops you’ll see the classic quilt pattern of farmlands stitched together by thick rows of trees. Silos and barns serve as our rural castles. Here are just a few spots where the views are worth the visit